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Free Tier Keepalive

free tier

“How do I keep my free tier services awake???”

With the free tier keepalive!

The render free tier is great for our javascript apps, but with the 15 minute inactivity timeout, your backend will go to sleep unless you are constantly pinging it to keep it awake. Even if you decide to let your service spin down and wait for it to come back up on it’s own, it can take minutes to come back up.

Render’s free tier comes with 750 free instance hours per month, but how are you supposed to use them if your service keeps going to sleep?

You could build your own cron job to call your service constantly, but then you need to learn cron and add the bloat of a cron job to your project.

I’ve built a free tool to keep your free tier services awake and running. Just put in your service endpoint and I’ll ping it every 10 minutes to keep it awake. No hassle, no bloat, no cron jobs.

Keep me up and running!